Modular Systems

We stock and install ECLIPSE VOGUE BALUSTRADES – a unique modular balustrade system that is considered a leader in balustrades in the New Zealand building industry. We’re approved installers, as well as the sole agents for the Wellington region.

To complement this range we also offer ARENA BALUSTRADES and SAFA-SLAT BALUSTRADES & SCREENS, which are particularly popular with owners of modern design homes and commercial premises.

We love the flexibility of these clever systems: they’re suitable for interior or exterior use in residential and commercial properties, as well as swimming and spa pool fencing.

Their sleek, modern aesthetics and strength come from using the highest grades of aluminium, stainless steel and toughened glass. Choose from any of our superb metal colour options.

Rest assured that all our modular balustrade systems have been independently engineered to comply with the ‘Safety from Falling’ New Zealand Building Code.

Take a look at these stunning ranges and be inspired:






























The range of styles incorporating a vertical infill – either ASCOT or WINDSOR – are an economical and aesthetically attractive option. With sleek contemporary lines, the timeless ASCOT style of balustrade complements any home or building project. Its technical design innovation offers clean joints, concealed assembly fasteners and rounded edges, concluding an elegant balustrade.































Note the extra top rail from the ASCOT style as an optional design choice.
















Do you prefer the unobtrusive nature of glass infill? If you have a modern architectural theme or if minimal obstruction of a view is required, AVON or CAMDEN glazed styles are ideal. A choice of top rail shapes and sizes are available to suit your individual preference. (6mm clear toughened glass)

















Note the extra top rail from the AVON style as an optional design choice. (6mm clear toughened glass)



VETRO (Pool Fence Only)















The VETRO balustrade is comprised of posts with glass spanning between them, supported by glazing recesses in the posts. The crisp clean lines of the exposed top and lower edges of the glass capture the frameless look in a very economical way. (10-12mm clear toughened glass)

















For the semi-frameless look, but with a comfortable top rail, SPECTRA is an attractive option with a top rail, posts and glass infill spanning the posts. Like VETRO the glass is supported by glazing recesses in the posts. (10-12mm clear toughened glass)




The PANORAMA style is simply superb to maximise any treasured view, and to capture the modern frameless glass look. This premium style consists of an aluminium base channel from which the toughened glass balustrade is cantilevered. (12mm clear toughened glass)

********Please NOTE the requirements of structural glass barriers changed refer to new building code. The fully frameless glass balustrade option are very different. Please contact us for more details. ********* 


















A stylish structural infill for balustrades and screens. Designed for privacy and shelter, engineered for safety and compliance, SAFA-SLAT takes outdoor living on your deck to a new level.

SAFA-SLAT is ideal for applications such as:

  • standard height balustrades where privacy from lower areas is required
  • higher screens where shelter from wind or privacy from adjacent areas at a similar level is needed
  • apartment dividers
  • a BBQ backing screen
  • patio and urban landscape screens.


Can’t find something suitable in these ranges? Trust us to design and create the perfect custom-made balustrade solution for you.


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